Our actions and assignments

The role of the media is essential in a democracy, particularly in developing countries and countries in transition. Our actions seek to reinforce the Professional skills of journalists to help and encourage on-going democratic processes (awareness campaigns, election coverage, civic education, concern for citizens and their expectations, questioning stakeholders on their programmes and their results, etc.). Our courses also strive to remind journalists of the ethical and deontological rules of the profession and their own rights and duties.

Companies and organizations can and should act as responsible actors, attentive to people's concerns and their environment. Making a commitment in this direction and sharing their best practices through transparent and targeted communication help to strengthen their ethics, reputation and development.

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Our media and communication expertise

Conception and implementation of media projects
Coverage of election campaigns and elections
Preparing and elaborating information programmes
Training for professional journalists
Media training,for individuals and groups
Planning and application of communication strategies
Valorising of actions ofsolidarity and responsibility
Communication with the media, crisis management

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